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RHinno Ethics

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The Ministry of Health has established a National Health Research Review Board as part of an intention to ensure protection of human subjects from harm as a result of participating in health research. The National Health Research Review Board is established as independent entity which will collaboratively with the ministry and all its departments.

Scope of work

Functions of the National Health Research Review Board are based of six operational pillars namely:

1) institutional and technical capacity development;

2) management of applications for ethics clearance;

3) review and approval of applications;

4) implementation monitoring of approved protocols;

5) facilitation of research material transfer;

6) archival of completed studies and

7) demand creation for ethical research

Qualifications of Review board members

Members of Review Board possess a minimum of a Masters degree with competencies in the fields of epidemiology; statistics; research; law and human rights; public health; clinical laboratory technology; medicine and other health disciplines. A community member shall be appointed as an additional member of the review Board to represent interests of the general public